Fastvideo solutions for image processing on GPU

Lightning-Fast Image and Video Processing on GPU

Welcome to Fastvideo! Our company is a world leader in the field of high performance GPU-based image and video processing. Fastvideo team consists of experienced and highly dedicated professionals and it focuses on GPU image processing, algorithm design and parallel computations. Our technologies show unmatched performance in image compression and decompression, demosaicing, denoising, tone mapping, color correction, resizing, sharpening, encoding and decoding of video streams in various applications including image and video processing, high speed imaging, machine vision, streaming, digital cinema, 3D and VR, broadcasting, etc.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

By applying the proven NVIDIA CUDA parallel processing technology, we have managed to achieve extremely high performance of our algorithms on GPU. Our crown jewels are the fastest JPEG codec, JPEG2000 codec, resizer, demosaicing and denoising software, and Image & Video Processing SDK. Thanks to ingenious implementation and optimization, our software runs faster than any analogs, and execution on the GPU makes CPU available for other tasks while providing unbelievable boost in processing speed.

Fastvideo SDK benchmarks

*OS Windows-7 (64-bit), CUDA-8.0 (64-bit). Timings include GPU computations only, single frame image processing at just one GPU (no batch mode, no streaming, 24-bit images). JPEG encoding with compression ratio ~10:1 and subsampling 4:2:0. Demosaic algorithm is DFPD. Resize algorithm is Lanczos (2x downscaling). CDF97 wavelet-based denoiser. Here you can get other benchmarks for Fastvideo SDK.

Wide Range of Applications

Fast compression and realtime image processing on GPU is a popular and growing demand in modern industries. Indeed, high framerate cameras, real-time video surveillance systems, heavy-loaded web services and medical equipment often require zero tolerance to delays due to image processing. And this is where the image compression or image processing speed can become a serious bottleneck.

Our video and image processing technologies do provide the required performance! Comparing with classic CPU solutions, our GPU algorithms demonstrate 10-30 times performance speed up retaining the same or even better quality of the output and minimizing the host processor workload.

Made by Experts and for Experts

We have vast experience in image processing as well as in mathematics and system programming. And we love what we do! Our qualification and enthusiasm have allowed us to develop the first high speed JPEG codec utilizing GPU computation power; it is also the fastest one on the market. And GPU Debayer software implementing NVIDIA CUDA for image demosaicing delivers supreme performance comparing with traditional approaches. You can check our latest project - Fast CinemaDNG Processor. This is high performance end-user application for post production with all features from our GPU Image & Video Processing SDK.

What Do We Offer?

Based on the technologies that we have developed, we provide our high performance Image & Video Processing SDK and custom software design for CUDA-powered image and video processing. This is B2B business and we offer our CUDA software for integration with third-party solutions. Depending on your needs, we can just provide the technology “as is” or develop a turnkey solution for your very specific needs. Further technical support and consulting are also welcome. In addition we can help integrating our solutions to existing infrastructure. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist.

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