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CUDA-based Fastvideo SDK for fast image processing

Fastvideo, a Russian hi-tech company has released high-performance image processing and compression library based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. Peak output of the full image processing pipeline exceeds one Gigapixel per second*.

Fastvideo, a company which developed the first fully parallel JPEG codec for NVIDIA GPU, presents an ultrafast image processing and compression library relying on computing capacity of the massive parallel NVIDIA CUDA architecture. The library is recommended for image processing systems with high-resolution video cameras or cameras with high frame rate.

The Fastvideo SDK library solves basic problems of processing images received from a camera facilitating unparalleled high-performance solution. Parallel computing using NVIDIA graphic processors applied to image processing and compression tasks provide for excellent results. And that is true for the entire line of GPUs by NVIDIA starting from mobile solution based on Tegra K1 to professional Tesla and Quadro solutions.

Fastvideo SDK for CUDA

Wide functionality of the library under Windows-10 and Linux Ubuntu include the following stages: preprocessing, high-quality debayers (demosaic), LUT, crop, rotation, resize, image output to the monitor via OpenGL, compression of each frame using JPEG or H.264, saving of the video stream to MJPEG/H.264 and final recording to a disk.

The range of possible applications of the SDK is extremely wide, but the major interest is applications working with large volumes of data. The source of such data may vary: this could video cameras, industrial quality assurance video systems, surveillance, high speed imaging systems, various visualization and real-time image processing systems, video archives and others. Real-time image processing for multi-camera systems is also possible with the SDK.

* The result was obtained on NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN GPU


Fastvideo company was founded in 2009 in Dubna, Moscow region. It is one of few developers and manufacturers of high-speed cameras in Russia also specializing on GPU image processing technologies. Ultrafast debayer and resize algorithms as well as the unique JPEG codec powered by the CUDA technology developed by Fastvideo are currently the highest performing solutions in the world. These and many other components are the part of the Fastvideo SDK library. The company also specializes in developing real-time image processing and compression solutions on NVIDIA GPU.


Website: Fastvideo Image Processing SDK on CUDA

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