Moire removal for Debayer algorithms

It's not enough to get high PSNR from debayer algorithm to be sure that image quality is good. Quite often one can run into situation when algorithm with really good PSNR gives false colors and we see moire artifacts over the image. To clear up the case, we consider the following debayer algorithms: bilinear (AN3 from Intel IPP library), AHD (Adaptive Homogenuity Direction, from Intel IPP), HQLI (High Quality Linear Interpolation), DFPD (Directional Filtering and a Posteriori Decision) and DFPD_R (DFPD with color correction stage).

At the following table we see the source image and the results of debayering according to corresponding color interpolation algorithm. To look at each image with more details, one can click on the image to see it at full resolution.

Source image Bilinear AN3 HQLI AHD DFPD DFPD_R
source moire pattern moire for bilinear interpolation moire for high quality linear interpolation moire for adaptive homogenuity direction moire for directional filtering and a posteriori decision moire for directional filtering and a posteriori decision with color correction

It's quite clear to see false colours on interpolated images and to compare artifacts that we get after debayer.

Quality measurements for different debayer algorithms (with or without JPEG compression) you can find here.

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