gpu mjpeg codec


Fastvideo GPU Motion JPEG codec offers high speed compression and decompression of MJPEG streams on GPU. We got ultra fast MJPEG compression and decompression on the GPU due to full parallel implementation of encoding and decoding algorithms.

FeaturesMJPG codec

  • Grayscale RGB8 MJPEG streams
  • Color RGB24 MJPEG streams with 4:2:0, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 subsampling formats
  • Realtime image processing on GPU
  • Compatibility with FFmpeg to read/write MJPEG streams (FFmpeg is under LGPLv2.1)
  • System requirements: Windows-7/8/10, Linux Ubuntu/CentOS

Options for GPU MJPEG video compressor

We can offer custom software design for combined debayer and JPEG compressor on NVIDIA GPU and for the following solutions:

  • Debayer + MJPEG compressor
  • Image preprocessing + Debayer + Crop + Resize + Sharp + OpenGL output + JPEG encoding + FFmpeg

We can also extend our GPU MJPEG codec with fast image processing pipeline for high speed and high resolution cameras: image acquisition, dark frame subtraction, flat-field correction, white balance, noise removal, demosaicing, image filtering, color correction, 1D/3D LUT, cropping, resizing, remapping, sharpening, mjpeg compression on GPU, etc.

Roadmap for further improvements of GPU MJPEG Codec


For any further information concerning GPU MJPEG codec please contact us via email.

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