gpu video transcoderVideo Transcoding on GPU

We are developing highly optimized video transcoding software with GPU-accelerated video processing pipeline that significantly outperforms conventional CPU video processing pipelines in widely spread applications.

GPU Transcoder Features

  • JPEG2000 decoding on GPU
  • High performance transcoding engine to process UHD 4K video in realtime
  • Other video processing options: video formats, resizing, sharpening, color spaces, etc.
  • Scalable solution
  • Low latency output
  • Integration with FFmpeg
  • Compatibility with Windows-7/8/10 and Linux Ubuntu/CentOS/RHEL

MXF transcoding pipeline

  • MXF import and parsing
  • JPEG2000 decoding on GPU
  • Optional video processing: resize, sharp, color correction, bit depth and color space transforms, etc.
  • Output video encoding with NVENC

We are designing that software as a part of our Image & Video Processing SDK. Our customers will have opportunity to utilize GPU-accelerated SDK components to boost transcoding in their applications as a part of video processing pipeline.

Roadmap for GPU Live Transcoding

  • Date of release - Q1/2019
  • Further optimizations for transcoding pipeline
  • Live transcoding for raw data
  • Transcoder with built-in denoising option
  • Multi-process and multi-GPU solutions for transcoding
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