XIMEA CamTool plugin for Image Processing on GPU

We are offering plugins for third-party software to create CUDA-accelerated solutions. We have implemented plagin for XIMEA CamTool application to insure realtime image processing for all Ximea cameras.

plugin XIMEA CamTool

Pipeline for XIMEA CamTool plugin on GPU

  • Dark frame subtraction (FPN)
  • Flat-Field Correction (Shading Correction)
  • White Balance
  • High quality demosaicing with MG algorithm
  • Wavelet-based denoising
  • Color Correction with matrix profile
  • 8/10/12/14/16-bit LUTs (composite or per-color component) for tone mapping
  • Color Transforms: RGB->YCbCr->RGB, RGB->HSL->RGB, etc.
  • Histograms for raw and processed data
  • Crop
  • Rotation (90/180/270 degrees) and flip/flop
  • Resize (downscale and upscale)
  • 3D LUT transforms for
  • Gamma transform (composite or per-color component)
  • Sharpening
  • JPEG or JPEG2000 compression
  • Realtime output to monitor


sdk for ximea plugin on gpu


All the above features are designed on the basis of our CUDA image processing SDK. Now our customers have opportunity to utilize GPU-accelerated software components in their applications as a part of video processing pipeline. Here you can find other benchmarks for our SDK.

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