Bad pixel removal on GPU

It's a common issue that image sensors have defects. Among millions of pixels on modern sensors one could find some pixels which are not working correctly. To ensure good image quality we need to interpolate these pixels by utilizing correct values from adjacent pixels. Such a procedure is necessary almost for each image sensors and it have to be done either inside cemera or at the beginning of image processing pipeline at PC.

Usually, we calibrate image sensor to get coordinates for all bad/hot pixels. After that we can apply interpolation procedure to that set of pixels. User can also edit the list of defective pixels to add new pixels.

GPU bad pixel correction features

  • Read 24/48-bit input image from HDD/SSD/RAID in PPM/BMP/JPG format
  • Output format: 24/48-bit PPM/BMP
  • Maximum image resolution up to 16k×16k pixels and more
  • OS support: Windows-7/8/10 and Linux Ubuntu/CentOS

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