DICOM software on CUDA

Nowadays quite a lot of diagnostic imaging studies, including computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, X-Ray, mammography, ultrasonography (US), endoscopy, nuclear medicine studies, computed radiography, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, and digital subtraction angiography, are performed and the images often read in a digital format.

There is often the need to use these images in conferences or in presentations; however, the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) format that most of these images cannot be used by presentation software such as PowerPoint (Microsoft, Redmond, Wash) and many radiologists lack the ability to manipulate these images on their desktop computers. In addition, DICOM images are quite large and converting these files to a smaller format can improve transfer speed and decrease storage requirements. Some of the picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) available, offer the ability to convert DICOM images into other formats, but for those who lack this ability, there is an assortment of free software available on the Internet that can allow the viewing and manipulating of these images on a personal computer.

Our Image & Video Processing SDK could be utilized in PACS for fast processing of DICOM images. Apart from fast DICOM encoding and decoding we offer other image processing features like resizing, denoising, rotations, etc.

CUDA pipeline for DICOM images

  • Image processing for bit depth up to 16 bits per channel
  • Fast processing of image series and still images with arbitrary resolution
  • DICOM encoding and decoding:
    • Lossless JPEG (2-16 bits)
    • Baseline JPEG (8/24 bits)
    • Extended JPEG (12/36 bits)
    • JPEG2000 (1-16 bits, lossless and lossy)
    • MPEG4-H.264
    • MPEG4-H.265
  • Support of the latest NVIDIA GPUs
  • Compatibility with Windows-7/8/10, Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, L4T

Modern medical applications are working via browsers, that's why fast DICOM decoding is essential. It could hardly be implemented as a browser plugin, especially for JPEG2000 decoding, because it's very slow on GPU. To solve that problem, we could offer high performance J2K transcoding to JPG on GPU. JPG format is native to all browsers and such a transcoding could be extremly fast.

Apart from J2K to JPG transcoding on GPU we could develop any other custom solutions for DICOM applications.

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