GPU Image Processing Solutions

We have created fast JPEG codec based on NVIDIA CUDA technology. CUDA JPEG codec developed by Fastvideo is a blend of strict compliance with standards and shocking encoding and decoding speed comparing with existing commercial solutions. This is full, performance-oriented implementation of JPEG. We got ultra fast JPEG compression and decompression on the GPU due to parallel implementation of Baseline JPEG algorithm. Our JPEG codec is much more fast in comparison with the best commercial multithreaded JPEG codecs for multicore CPUs.

We design and develop SDK and software components for NVIDIA CUDA and related technologies.

Image Processing Solutions for NVIDIA GPUs

We can combine various image processing algorithms on GPU to achieve outstanding performance and high image quality. Below there are some algorithms for GPU image processing:

  • FPN Subtraction
  • Flat-Field-Correction
  • Noise removal
  • White Balance
  • Demosaicing
  • Resize / Rotate / Flip / Crop
  • Image Filtering
  • Tone Mapping
  • Histogram Equalization
  • Color Correction
  • OpenGL Output
  • JPEG Compression


  • Full technical support up to successful client integration
  • SDK, documentation

For any further information concerning CUDA image processing please contact us via email.

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