JPEG Optimizer Library on CPU and GPU

Fastvideo has implemented the fastest JPEG Codec and Image Processing SDK for NVIDIA GPUs. That software could work at maximum performance with full range of NVIDIA GPUs, starting from mobile Jetson to professional Quadro and Tesla server GPUs. Now we've extended these solutions to be able to offer various optimizations to Standard JPEG algorithm. This is vitally important issue to get better image compression while retaining the same perceived image quality within existing JPEG Standard.

jpeg optimizer library

Our expert knowledge in JPEG Standard and GPU programming are proved by performance benchmarks of our JPEG Codec. This is also a ground for our custom software design to solve various time-critical tasks in connection with JPEG images and corresponding services.

Our customers have been utilizing that GPU-based software for fast JPEG encoding and decoding, JPEG resize for high load web applications and they asked us to implement more optimizations which are indispensable for web solutions. These are the most demanding tasks:

  • JPEG recompression to decrease file size without loosing perceived image quality
  • JPEG optimization to get better user experience while loading JPEG images via slow connection
  • JPEG processing on users' devices
  • JPEG resize on-demand:
    • to store just one source image (to cut storage costs)
    • to match resolution of user's device (to exclude JPEG Resize on user's device)
    • to minimize traffic
    • to ensure minimum server response time
    • to offer better user experience
  • Implementations of JPEG Baseline, Extended, Progressive and Lossless parts of the Standard
  • Other tasks related to JPEG images

The idea about image optimization is very popular and it really makes sense. As soon as JPEG is so widespread at web, we need to optimize JPEG images for web as well. By decreasing image size, we can save space for image storage, minimize traffic, improve latency, etc. There are many methods of JPEG optimization and recompression which could bring us better compression ratio while saving perceptual image quality. In our products we strive to combine all of them with the idea about better performance on multicore CPUs and on modern GPUs.

There is a great variety of image processing tasks which are connected with JPEG handling. They could be solved either on CPU or on GPU. We are ready to offer custom software design to meet special requirements that our customers could have. Please fill the form below and send us your task description.

JPEG Optimizer Library and other software from Fastvideo

  • JPEG Optimizer Library (SDK for GPU/CPU on Windows/Linux) to recompress and to resize JPEG images for corporate customers: high load web services, photo stock applications, neural network training, etc.
  • Standalone JPEG optimizer application - in progress

Projects under development

  • JPEG optimizer SDK on CPU and GPU
  • Mobile SDK on CPU for Android/IOS for image decoding and visualization on smartphones
  • JPEG recompression library that runs inside your web app and optimizes images before upload
  • JPEG optimizer API for web
  • Online service for JPEG optimization

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