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This is Fastvideo blog about image compression and decompression, demosaicing, denoising, tone mapping, color correction, resizing, sharpening, encoding and decoding of video streams in various applications including image and video processing, transcoding, streaming, broadcasting, high speed imaging, machine vision, digital cinema, 3D and VR, etc.

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web resize on the fly

In various imaging applications we have to do image resize and quite often we need to resize JPEG images. In such a case the task gets more complicated, as soon as we can't do resize directly, because images are compressed.

Fastvideo SDK benchmarks

Fastvideo SDK benchmarks 2018: JPEG encoding and decoding, demosaicing, JPEG2000 encoding, denoising, resizing on NVIDIA Tegra X1 and X2, GeForce GTX 1080, Quadro P6000.

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