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At Fastvideo we constantly elaborate new ways to apply cutting edge technologies like NVIDIA’s CUDA for various purposes. A vast number of developments and groundworks we possess allows us to provide custom services according to our customers’ needs. In particular we offer the following services:

Custom software development for GPU processing

Having proven GPU computation technologies under the belt we are ready to deliver bullet-proof quality and speed to your specific application. Contact us to find what projects we are currently working on and what custom solutions we can provide.

advanced gpu image processing sdk

Briefly, we’ve got the following technologies and groundworks

  • Fast image compression and decompression according to JPEG standard (Baseline and Extended)
  • Fast JPEG and MJPEG codecs (8-bit and 12-bit) for specific applications
  • JPEG2000 encoding and decoding on GPU
  • High quality image demosaicing on GPU
  • GPU-based image and video denoising
  • 3D LUT color grading on GPU
  • Fast image processing pipeline for camera applications: image preprocessing, shading correction, white balance, demosaicing, 2D DWT, noise removal, color correction, tone mapping, 1D LUT, 3D LUT, crop, rotate, flip/flop, resize, remap, sharp, JPEG compression and decompression, OpenGL output, intergation with FFmpeg, raw bayer compression and decompression, J2K and H.264 codecs
  • High performance image processing SDK for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TK1, TX1, TX2, AGX Xavier
  • Full image processing pipeline for CinemaDNG processing on GPU
  • CUDA streams for enhanced performance
  • Architectural design for machine vision applications and for high-speed imaging
  • Imaging solutions for GPU cloud computing
  • Algorithm design for high performance and high quality imaging
  • FFmpeg codecs and filters GPU

R&D Services

Our skills allow us to apply the proven NVIDIA CUDA technology and our own achievements in image and video processing to new fields and industries. We can carry out custom algorithm design, GPU code generation, code/algorithm optimization, quality tuning and verification.


Need assistance? We are ready to help with development, optimization or deployment of image and video processing technologies, image compression algorithms, GPU computing, high-performance computing and more.


We offer integration services as well. By integrating a hardware part (either existing or custom solution) with firmware and GPU software we can provide much better performance for various applications.

You can see the list of integrators which have experience with our GPU-based software.

Open source projects from Fastvideo

We could offer custom software design services to create much more complicated solutions for GPU-based image processing software.


All products of Fastvideo are fully designed by our team, from idea to final solution. Technical support is provided solely by development team of Fastvideo.

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